Lewy Body Argentina Association

ALBA is the first non-profit civil association in Latin America
aimed for research, diagnosis, dissemination and
treatment of LBD (Lewy Body Disease).

About us

ALBA was born due the need to inform patients, caregivers and professionals about this disease that affects a very high percentage of people over 65 years old...


Even though our association is mainly composed of professionals in Neurology and Neuropsychology, we have volunteer caregivers and patients since we intend to integrate Neurosciences and our community.

Association activities

Cientific Events  

Our main focus among various activities conducted trough the years is set on professional events, educational workshops and research. .


Together with professionals from the Neurology department of the Italian Hospital of Bs. As., we've published research papers, even generating a screening for LBD with sufficient sensitivity and specificity so that it can be replicated in all countries around the world.


As is often the case, education tends to arise as a by-product of cientific activity.
Intencion alineada a la misión de concientizar a la población acerca de ésta enfermedad.

Caregivers and family activities

In 2013, a group of volunteers was born as part of the Association but with a certain executive autonomy and values, which are fundamentally oriented towards family members and the general community.


A book written by our volunteer Selva Marasco, advocate for people affected by LBD.

«It is a must-see gem for anyone interested in Lewy Body Disease: professionals, affected people, caregivers.
But this is not the greatest achievement of the writing; The book manages to pierce the layer of general ignorance on the subject, allowing us to know, raise awareness and assume the existence of this disease, unknown to people whose information comes from the media.» (Excerpt from prologue)
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